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Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellents and Horse Fly Trap Help Protect You Everywhere!

Nature inspires us and science guides us to offer you the best biting insect control products on the market today.   Read more about Our Mission.   In helping you to reduce those bites from pesky mosquitoes and menacing horse flies in your backyard or other favorite outdoor spots, our scientists have gathered scientific evidence to vet Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles and our new Horse Fly Trap.   Read more about the Science behind our Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles and H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System.

With testing in the Florida swamps, we proved that our Natural Mosquito Repellent Candle formula significantly reduced attraction to the mosquito traps we tested.   Read more about Bite-Lite's Repellency Evaluation.   What also is unique about Bite-Lite's five Natural Mosquito Repellent Candle styles is that they are pleasantly scented with lemongrass and spearmint essential oils, produce no unwanted smoke or soot like standard citronella candles, and are nearly three times more effective.    Bite-Lite's Natural Mosquito Repellent Tins, Pint Jars, and Mini Jars contain premium soy wax and are now made in the U.S.   Our beautiful handmade Natural Mosquito Repellent Luminaries and dainty Votives have the same active repellent formula, but are made with paraffin wax.

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The design of the new H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System also uses nature as its compass in  determining the best natural way to control biting horse flies.   Like our natural mosquito repellents, the horse fly trap has been independently tested by U.S. researchers.   These tests are ongoing in order to monitor and trap many species of tabanids (horse flies) and to bring new insect control and management solutions to market.   Using no electricity or chemicals, this sturdy and weather resistant horse fly trap tricks female horse flies by infrared signature to find the inflatable black ball and get caught.   Read more about the Science behind our horse fly trap.

Our regulatory team also plays an important role to our success in offering you the most effective natural mosquito repellent candles.   We pride ourselves in always keeping up to date with federal and state pesticide laws and annual registrations in the states that we sell our natural mosquito repellent candles.   Because of this effort, Bite-Lite® is able to provide you with natural repellents that can be legally sold in the state you are purchasing them in.   Read more about why natural repellents are not all created equal.

Last, but certainly not least, Bite-Lite® is devoted to providing both the consumer and retailer with quality natural mosquito repellents and horse fly traps, prompt delivery, quality control, and attentive customer service.   Don't let mosquitoes and horse flies ruin another hour of outdoor fun!    Contact Us.

This link will take you to our mission page and how we began a journey to develop natural mosquito repellents and horse fly (horsefly) control products.
Founded in 2010, Bite-Lite LLC is a Connecticut based family business committed to serving the public’s needs for natural insect control and management of  biting and stinging insects...
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"I normally have to spray every part of me with bug spray in order to avoid being bitten.  I decided to finally try the Bite-Lite candles to see if it was possible to enjoy the outside without bug spray..."
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linking to what makes our natural mosquito repellent candles special.
We are all searching for a natural solution to reduce mosquito bites.   But not all natural repellent products are created equal! All insect control products, including natural repellents...
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Pass the Citrus Fruit, Please!
Animals use lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits to rub on their fur, presumably to repel biting insects. See how this phenomenon, known as "anointing" behavior, helped Bite-Lite® scientists create our patent pending natural mosquito repellent formula.
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Mosquito Products: What's for Sale?
Every year, as mosquito season approaches, we know you can be flooded with information about ways to protect yard and family from those pesky and sometimes dangerous little biters.   Find out what our entomologist has to say about what mosquito products really offer protection.
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Bite-Lite® Named in Top 25  Products.
Bite-Lite® Natural Mosquito Repellent Candles  were named as one of the top 25 products to sell in hardware stores across the the U.S.  Bite-Lite's natural repellents were listed as a product that "shoppers will want" in a heavily infested mosquito region...
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Latest News Articles:

Exciting Results with Horse Fly Trap Testing in Cape Cod MA
on Wednesday, September 30 2015
Testing of the H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System from Bite-Lite continued in several locations in Cape Cod, MA this summer with exciting results.   Compared to the stationary blue boxes seen on the Cape for nearly half a century, the one legged H-Traps are easily moveable, and can be pulled out and transported to locations that are inundated with both green heads and deer flies at a moment’s notice.     The testing of green head flies, within the tabanus family also known as horse flies, began in the summer of 2014 when Gabrielle Sakolsky-Hoopes of ...
Mosquito Awareness Week Theme is Buzz-Off!
on Friday, June 26 2015
National Mosquito Control Awareness Week is an annual weekly event that Bite-Lite® endorses each year, and has reported on previously in these News pages around the same time of year.   This year's event began June 21st and will end Saturday, June 27, 2015.    This year's theme by the American Mosquito Control Association ("AMCA"), who promotes the event,  is to tell Mosquitoes to "buzz off. To promulgate this advice throughout the summer season, when mosquitoes are biting, and either causing irritation or disease, remember to take the necessary steps to protect yourself.  You can follow the ...
Bite-Lite® New Horsefly Trap Now in Stores
on Monday, March 30 2015
If you are looking for our new H-Trap Professional Horsefly Control System in a store near you, Bite-Lite® is pleased to announce that 14 stores in five states have now picked up our new line and are stocking this spring: Delaware: Chicks Harness Supply- Harrington, DE. Michigan: Family Farm & Home – Alma, Benton Harbor, Cedar Springs, Chelsea, Coldwater, Fenton, Grand Rapids, Mason, Richmond, and Wayland. New Mexico: Cooks True Value - Espanola, NM. Pennsylvania: Wurster Farm/Dublin Agway – Dublin, PA. Virginia: Epps Farm- Suffolk, VA. If you are not nearby any of the stores carrying our product above, ...
Bite-Lite® Gets Spot on Horse Radio Station
on Friday, March 13 2015
The Horse Radio Network is the “Voice of the Horse World” and featured Bite-Lite® in its Stable Scoop Radio Show on February 13, 2015.   Our own Director of Sales Gail Bedoukian was interviewed by Host Glenn “the Geek” during an online podcast called the Metal Horses and Helping the Mustangs (Episode 339). As the show’s name suggests, Glenn scopes for “unique, different products” to introduce on one of his eight shows, and discovered our new professional horsefly trap called the H-trap set up at the AETA show.   He said our ...
3 Horsefly Traps Raffled at the PA World Horse Expo
on Friday, March 13 2015
Bad snow conditions last weekend did not stop thousands of horse enthusiasts from attending the PA World Horse Expo in Harrisburg, PA, March 5-8!Nearly 130 attendees stopped by the Bite-Lite booth to get a firsthand view of Bite-Lite’s new horsefly trap called the H-Trap Professional Horsefly Control System, and entered our giveway raffle. Each day, a name was drawn by a third party neighboring booth vendor.   The first day winner was Kathy Anthony from Pennsylvania.   Susan Borgansky from New Jersey won the second day’s raffle, and Heidi Moak of New York won ...





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