H-Trap – The New Professional Horsefly Control System

As it did for the first launched Bite-Lite® natural mosquito repellent products, nature has inspired the design of the new Bite-Lite® Professional Horsefly Control System.

Bite-Lite’s® new horsefly trap uses a unique single legged frame, large black inflatable ball, and green conical hood to trick the female horsefly into finding the ball’s infrared signature after being heated by the sun. After landing on the ball to “feed” and failing to get its intended blood meal, the female will fly vertically, its normal flight path, into the green plastic conical hood and get trapped into the plastic collection bin.

Perfect for commercial horse stable yards, cattle farms, campgrounds, meadows, golf courses, gardens, ponds,  swimming pools, water parks, state parks, and any other sunny locations where female horseflies are a nuisance. To learn more about the science behind the H-Trap, click here. To purchase, click here to be taken to our online shop.

To see how the trap works, watch:   Bite-Lite horsefly trap demonstration.





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