Resellers Update

We are updating our store locations on the website. If you are a Reseller carrying Bite-Lite® Candles in your store, please check and see that you are on our map so your customers can find you. Give us a call at 855-BITE-LITE (855-248-3548) or email if you don’t see your store listed on the store locator

Bite-Lite Mosquito Candles Store Displays

Bite-Lite Mosquito Candles Store Displays

Did you know you can place orders online? Register as a Reseller right here on our website. We will set up your account so you can quickly send in your order. Now is the time to stock up, summer outdoor events are here, the word is getting out about Bite-Lite® Candles  and you will want to keep stock on hand. We will work with you to get your order customized to suit your needs, and help get your candles to you as soon as possible. We have 3 sizes of in-store displays or you can order by the case. Make sure to get your store sign sales cards with your order.
Only registered Reseller have exclusive access to resellers products, so sign up today.

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